Couponing 101

Why should you use coupons?

Quiet honestly because it saves you money. Every coupon used, from $0.50 to $5.00 is money saved in your pocket. Some stores even double coupons up to as much as $1.00, so the low value coupons can really add up. Be CAREFUL, if you have a coupon worth $1 but the store only doubles up to $.99, then the $1 coupon will not double. Therefore, you’d be better off with a coupon worth $.75 since it will double to $1.50.


Where are all the coupons?

Pretty much EVERYWHERE!

  • Sunday Paper

The Sunday paper is just one of many differnt resources available. Ask your family, friends and neighbors if you can have their Sunday paper when their done reading it. Go check out your local recycling center (hundreds of thousands of coupons are trashed daily) it’s like throwing money away! You can go here to preview a full list of next Sundays Newspaper Coupons.

  • Internet

There are several online sites where you can print coupons right off your home computer. A few of the internet resources include: , Red Plum, Smartsource, and (yes you can stack the Target coupons and your manufacturer coupons) Facebook is a great resource for coupons as well! (i’ll go into more detail about facebook later) You can even get coupons from a coupon clipping service like The Coupon Clippers. Is a coupon clipping site worth it? Honestly i’ve never used a coupon clipping service but i have friends who do and it works for them. Couponing take LOTS of time and preparation! If you don’t have alot of time to clip and sort then this might be an option for you.

  • Savings Cards

You can sign up for a store savings card for FREE ex. Kroger Plus Card and you can load coupons right onto your card from your computer. You can use the coupons on your savings card in conjunction with your clipped manufacturers coupons. I do it EVERY week at Kroger and have no problems whatsoever. I LOVE our Kroger, they are VERY “Coupon Friendly” and i will try to avoid Walmart at all costs but there are some things you just can’t buy at Kroger 😉 You can also save grocery coupons directly to your supermarket savings card by using

  • Magazines

You’ll see me post deals on magazine quiet freaquently. Well there is a reason for that, of course it’s the coupons!!! There are lots of coupons to be found in magazines, All You, Parents, Family Circle, Weight Watchers and Disney Family Fun all have coupons in them. Out of all the magazine, I’d have to say All You is one of the best coupon resources! You can subscribe to the magazine but I try to swing in Walmart ***gasp** i know i hate to admit it lol but I do go there at least once a month to buy my All You Magazine 😉

  • Inside Product Boxes or On the Outside of Products

Sometimes you may just get lucky and find a peelie coupon on the outside of a product or you may find a coupon on the inside. It never hurts to look for the peelie coupons on boxes when your in the store, I do anyway 😉


Can I really get coupons off of Facebook?

Yes you can :) Companies use facebook as a way of promoting their products to the public. However, you’ll notice before you can print some companies coupons a box will pop up and ask your permission to access your personal information. It’s for this reason I advise people to start a second facebook account just for couponing purposes. I use my Brooke’s Bargains account b/c it doesn’t have ANY of my personal information or personal pictures for those apps to access. There are some GREAT coupons and FREEBIES available on Facebook, so I wouldn’t let starting a second account deter you.


What does stacking coupons mean?

Stacking is using store coupons (ex. Kroger ecoupons) combined with manufacturer coupons from the internet or newspaper to save more than you could normally save using one coupon alone.

Coupon Jargon-Are you confused by all the coupon jargon or not quite sure what something means?  

Sometimes you’ll see me use abbreviations in my posts. We couponers refer to this as coupon jargon.

Here is a small list of the abbreviations you’ll see me use from time to time.

  • RR – Register Rewards for Walgreens stores is a coupon you get back after a purchase to use in the store on ANYTHING, it’s like FREE Money!!!
  • ECB – Extra Care Bucks for CVS stores is just like RR. You can use them on ANYTHING in the store!
  • MM – Moneymaker (after using coupons and getting back store rewards like ex. RR you will make money on product)
  • OOP – Out of Pocket
  • MFG – Manufacturer’s coupon (as opposed to a store only coupon ex. Walgreens or Target)
  • CF – Cellfire loadable coupons-You can load these ecoupons to your shopping card ex. Kroger Plus Card.
  • RP = Red Plum insert in newspaper
  • SS = Smart Source insert in newspaper
  • GM = General Mills insert in newspaper
  • PGE – Proctor and Gamble loadable ecoupons
  • P&G – Proctor and Gamble insert in newspaper
  • ETS – Excludes Travel/Trial Size
  • IP = Internet Printable coupon
  • 01/11– Date the coupon was found in the newspaper
  • $3/2 – $3 off 2 products
  • TQ – Target store coupon
  • WYB – When You Buy
  • OYNSO – On Your Next Sale Order
  • B1G1 – Buy One, Get One free (same rule applies to B2G1,etc)
  • Catalina – A check-out coupon that prints out at the register after you pay (often times when you buy certain products) that is good on your next transaction.  Kinda like Walgreens Register Rewards and CVS Extra Care Bucks